Photography & video research trip, March 3-7, 2013

Participants: Hripsimé Visser (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam), Femke Lutgerink (Fotodok, Utrecht), Bas Vroege (Paradox, Edam)

Trip coordinator: Ronit Eden. This is the second Israeli art research trip organized by KUNSTENISRAËL, and for the second time in the capable, expert hands of curator Ronit Eden. With these trips, KUNSTENISRAËL hopes to enable leading arts professionals from the Netherlands to experience first hand the diversity and depth of Israel’s cultural landscape. The custom-tailored group tours bring together the culture-makers of Israel with the community of arts presenters in the Netherlands.

Ronit writes about this excursion: “The idea to bring art professionals from the field of photography to visit Israel emerged from an insight: that in Israel, as in other nations, photography and video art occupy an increasingly central part in the process of self-definition. Personal and public archives play an increasingly pivotal role in this process, and this informed the choices both regarding whom should be invited to take part in the tour and which artists and locations would be visited. Ultimately we focused the visit on artists and institutions that create archives as they uncovered family stories or unraveled the nation’s  untold tales. Everywhere that we visited, we saw art works that were, in some way, a reflection of national or personal identity – works that brought diverse points of view to a personal story or, in a broader sense, to history.”

Day 1: Tel Aviv (HV)

Day 2: Ein Hod, Umm el-Fahem, Tel Aviv (HV)

Day 3: Tel Aviv (FL)

Day 4: Jerusalem (FL)

Day 5: Tel Aviv (BV)